Christmas Weddings

Thinking about a Christmas wedding but not sure if the pros outweigh the cons? We’re here to help! If you have a Christmas wedding, will your group of friends and family be able to attend? Are you getting married in a location where there are frequent snow storms?

If the idea of a few guests not being able to show doesn’t bother you and you’re not getting married in a place where icy roads could disrupt your big day, then proceed! There are so many fun, creative and beautiful things you could do for a Christmas wedding. Obnoxious is incredibly acceptable, people are already in a joyful state around this time and you can have a Christmas tree in your wedding photos. Did I mention Christmas lights?

This can easily be a budget friendly event. A lot of places have Christmas decor up so if you play your cards correctly, you could utilize their decorations for your wedding without paying a dime for it. This is also a great idea when it comes to your wedding photos. Upscale hotels have plenty of great backdrops already there for you and your wedding parties use.

Your cuisine could be pretty easy for this one. Whatever you and your family traditionally eat for Christmas, serve that! Perhaps you could do away with the caterer if you have a small enough wedding. Ask your family members to  create their signature dish. If you delegate a dish to each person, you could have an amazing feast at half the cost in no time!

The best part of a Christmas wedding? Using the lit up holiday deer to guide your lit up carriage. This could make a great photo op spot for your guests as well. There’s so much room to play with a Christmas wedding. The possibilities are endless. You could even do a Christmas gift exchange or have a Santa appearance.



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