Wedding Blogs

As bride, you have a lot of decisions to be making. Luckily for you, there are a TON of resources out there to help you. What can you get from a wedding blog?

First, inspiration! While reading through blogs you will come across all sorts of pictures of other weddings. Of course no bride wants to do the exact same thing as another, but you’re sure to gather ideas from everything you look at.

Second, you can find DIY tutorials galore which will help with your budget and you know you’re getting exactly what you want.

Third, vendors. You can locate anything from the venue to photographers, cake artists, accessories, etc.

Fourth, tips, tricks and advice. A lot of us like to think we can do it all but we simply can’t. Why not get advice from those who have experienced what you’re experiencing? Often times if you have a question about a blog post, you can comment at the bottom and actually get to speak to the blog author. You also may end up learning other things you didn’t realize you needed to know from other comments on the page.

If you aren’t reading wedding blogs and you’re planning your wedding, you’re really missing out!

Here are a few great resources we located:

How to locate budget friendly venues and reception locations.

Wedding Photographers (this one is really neat, you search in your zip code with what your budget is!)

Bridal Makeup 101

Wedding Invitations/RSVP’s

Bridal Hair Accessories 

If you have any questions or suggestions for other brides, feel free to drop us a line below! All the best to you lovely brides!


Photo by Jeffrey Lewis Bennett




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