Bridal Head Chains

Every bride wants to be beautiful and unique in some way. Chances are, most people coming to your weddings have been to several weddings and are anticipating another cliche, boring wedding with maybe two people on the dance floor….who happen to be your 90 year old great aunt (who is currently wasted) with the 50 something guy she found in a corner somewhere drinking Scotch (Where did he get that? There’s no Scotch at the bar!)

What better way to stand out than to do something unique with your hair and accessories? There are SO many options out there! We have plenty of creative hair stylists these days and some really amazing bridal designers. All these fun details are up to you. What will you do with your hair and accessories?

Bridal head chains seem  to be the newest craze! They are unique yet still carry the elegance most brides require. Head chains fit many different themes too. You could go Roaring Twenties, gypsy theme or even a fairy tale theme! The possibilities are endless. Below are some really beautiful ones we located in the secret chamber of the internet.

If you’ve been stuck on trying to figure out what hair accessories to go for, maybe this will provide some inspiration for you. If you still feel stuck, check out our post about wedding hair.

Over it and just ready to view bridal hair accessories for sale? Check out our store. Couture Designs by IceGreenEyes.

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.” – Robert C. Dodds


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