Wedding Hairstyles

First, don’t stress. All these small details will be well worth the effort once your big day is here. Just remember, you don’t have to look perfect. You want to look like yourself….of course a more dolled up version of yourself but regardless, look like YOU. I’ve created a small check list for you below to ensure you weigh all your options and to make things a little less stressful for you.

  • Will you feel more comfortable with your hair up or down?
  • Curly or Straight?
  • Hair Accessories?
  • If so, headband? Clip in? Mini top hat? Feather fascinator?

When making these decisions, keep your comfort in mind. You will have to maintain this look for hours. Between walking down the aisle, dancing the night away and getting cake smashed on your face, you’ll want something that is easy to deal with. You’ll also probably want your hair out of your face. One good option for that is curly, down and clipped back with a feather fascinator. Here are a few examples:


These lovely designs are simple, yet elegant. They glam up your hair a bit AND keep the hair out of your face! Many of these beautiful creations can be found for sale here. Have something specific in mind? Fill out our custom order request and we’ll be happy to work with you. Our goal is to make sure your big day is as beautiful as ever.

Couture Designs by IceGreenEyes has been around since 2010. These designs have been perfected over the last 6 years and are now breathtakingly beautiful.

If you are more of a hat gal, here’s a gorgeous example of a bride who rocked a hat on her big day. This design is also by IceGreenEyes.


All in all, do whatever makes you feel as beautiful as you are. There are thousands of options out there for every bride. Happy planning!!



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