Fox Trot Fever!

Have you ever felt as though you belonged in a different time era?  Mine is the 1920’s. I can see the party lights, the glam wardrobes, people using words like, “dapper” and “bee’s knees.” When I hear ragtime music my body begins moving so fluidly as though it were about to  break out into a Fox Trot. I have such a strong appreciation for fashion during this time. Everyone looked incredibly classy and well put together.


My inspiration for my flapper headbands came straight out of the 1920’s. I see these sparkling creations in my dreams as I glide across the dance floor doing the Quickstep at a party with fly boys and flappers all around. We’re drinking giggle water in a juice joint. I’m really putting on the ritz with these designs.

This piece has a bit more of a simple yet elegant design. I started with the stretchy velvet trim and slowly added the whispy wine colored hackle feathers. From there, I added the lovely sequin flower. My goal with this combo was to have the beautiful flower with harsh lines against the softness of the smooth lined feathers. Just to dress it up a bit and give it that extra pop, I added the rhinestone mask. This headband is perfect for roaring twenties themed parties, Great Gatsby events and the modern day flapper. You will be the Cat’s Meow wherever you go rocking this beauty.


This gorgeous headband can be found here.

To see other flapper headbands by ICEGREENEYES, visit our store.


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